Companion making a cup of tea for elderly lady in North Wales


NOTE: Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons


Box of jigsaw pieces

My mum doesn’t need a carer. What she needs is a companion. A companion who will do things with her. Take her for walks, to places, talk about anything and everything, do jigsaws, get the shopping she wants and generally potter around the house. Oh, and spot things that I need to know about and deal with.

At 93 mum is "all there" but she needs company, being on her own has never ever been something she could bear. So, this past three years I seem to have gained a sister.

Your Trusted Friend is absolutely a lifesaver for me and a life-enhancer for mum.

Mum is happy and that is the most important thing in the world.


Elderly woman having coffee

I have been using the services of Your Trusted Friend since 2015 so for about 6 years now.

I use Your Trusted Friend as my husband had a severe stroke 8 years ago and cannot now get out and about as he used to. It worried me that he was not interacting with other people apart from me and his physiotherapist, also it means I can go out. Bryn, one of the Trusted Friends, comes to see him weekly whilst I go out to my Craft Group for a change of scenery. It also means that if I wish to go out for the day I know that, with prior arrangement, Bryn or Cathy will visit my husband, make him a hot drink, provide some company and also cook a simple meal for him. In fact Bryn visited my husband when he was in Respite Care and I went on a much needed holiday.

My husband really enjoys Bryn’s company. They chat(gossip) over a cuppa. During lockdown both Cathy and Bryn were able to deliver medication to my husband which went a long way to helping me cope with the added stress of Lockdown.

Bryn and Cathy are friendly and helpful and Your Trusted Friend is a lifeline to people in my situation and it means that I have the ability to pursue my own activities without worrying that my husband will be left without any company during the day. I am so grateful I learned about them.


Grandmother enjoying cup of tea and a biscuit

My 87-year-old mother lives independently. Since she started receiving visits twice a week from a caring lady named Steph, my mind is at ease.

Although I live in Canada, Steph keeps me informed about her visits and follows through with any reasonable requests I have had up to now.

I highly recommend Your Trusted Friend to anyone who lives far away from their relatives and needs to ensure that their loved one is safe and well.

Your Trusted Friend offers care and support with compassion, expertise and empathy when needed.


Old lady knitting in Wrexham

We recently used Your Trusted Friend to help my Grandmother while my parents were on holiday. What a fantastic service they offer.

Jackie was such a big help providing my Grandmother with support and company while the rest of the family were at work.

I cannot recommend this service enough, such kind and friendly people, right from our first enquiry to their visits.

Thank you so much for being so wonderful to my very special Granny, we will not hesitate to use you again in the future!


Elderly person reading a book

Audrey is an author who was always active and enjoyed socialising. After a fall and breaking her hip she went into respite care until she was well enough to go home. Now in her 70s she felt she had lost her confidence and did not want to go out of the home. Her Social Worker recommended Your Trusted Friend to her and she made contact.

We arranged to meet with her Social Worker and introduced her to Danielle. After their first meeting, Audrey had expressed her interest in having a trip out to a coffee shop and look around the nearest garden centre. This was arranged for the following week and they both went out and enjoyed a most pleasant afternoon together.

Following this success, Audrey expressed they should go out once a week for a full afternoon, which they have done ever since. They have built up a friendship which has brought Audrey’s confidence back and now she goes out herself on odd days on the bus as well as with Danielle in the car.

Audrey’s quality of life has greatly improved and she is most appreciative to the support we have given her and the results she has seen.

She told us "My visits out with Danielle have been very enjoyable, knowing she is there to take care of everything, especially while out shopping. Danielle is also good company to be with!" She continues "being with Your Trusted Friend has helped me to regain confidence and I am now able to manage independently"


Crown green bowls in Wrexham

Peter was a Manager at one of Wrexham’s local Utility Companies, well respected and enjoyed playing Bowls in his leisure time with his Wife and friends.

As he grew older his eye sight started to fail and found he became housebound, more so following the loss of his Wife. He contacted ourselves following a recommendation from his Doctors Surgery. We arranged a meeting with him to discuss his needs and introduced him to Dave, A Trusted Friend.

Peter requested Dave to go each week on the same day to collect a shopping list, money and check through items required and complete his shopping from a local supermarket. The shopping would be carried out and returned, unpacked and put away accordingly. Once Peter got to know Dave he began to ask for other errands to be run which Dave obliged without question.

Peter was most thankful to receive our help as it gave him the reassurance required to enable him to continue living at home. He looked forward to having a chat with Dave each week and having the shopping he requested. It really has made a difference to Peter’s life.


Omlette cooked for elderly person in Flintshire

Elizabeth, an ex-school teacher lives on her own, no family and few friends around her. She was a very independent lady but started to suffer from vertigo and had a fall. Following her return home from hospital she received assistance from The British Red Cross. When the assistance came to an end after two weeks, The British Red Cross team recommended Your Trusted Friend to her.

Elizabeth contacted us asking for help with meal preparation, each week day. Jane and Tom, our Trusted Friends share the visits to see Elizabeth to prepare and serve a hot meal. We check she has everything she requires and picks up any shopping requests, Fish and Chips on a Friday plus the odd Chinese.

As Elizabeth has become stronger and her confidence returned, she has been out on various shopping trips into town with Tom as well as had his assistance to attend hospital appointments. Elizabeth has said "I would be so lost without Your Trusted Friend, my life has become so much easier with their assistance which I am grateful for"

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