Our Services

Help in the home for elderly resident in Wrexham


From £12 per hour. When you pay a month up front the charge is £12 per hour, if you prefer to pay as you go it is £13.50 per hour.

We will not be governed by the clock. This means if we go over the hour booked unintentionally; no other charge shall be incurred.

A charge of 40p per mile is for petrol & maintenance costs for any mileage undertaken during your booking.

Group outing - 4 or more people, £8 per hour which includes travel costs.

Areas covered

We are based within Wrexham and cover the whole Borough of Wrexham and Flintshire with Trusted Friends.

To arrange a free consultation or speak to one of our Team, please contact us

Please call our team to find out
how we can help on
01978 227 999 or email us